Ten Lessons Learned With North Star Leather

Loving this blog series. Here’s a post about our company.

Leathercraft Lessons from the World's Best

What is your name, your leather craft business, and where are you located?

Mike Batson our business is called North Star Leather, we’re located in the very rural town of Ruby, South Carolina.


What types of leather goods do you make, or what is your role in the leather craft business?

All sorts of small leather goods: Wallets, Checkbooks, ID Cases, pouches, coin purses, handbags- over 150 individual “stock” items not counting special items for specific customers. We’re 90% wholesale and much of our business comes from private label manufacturing. Besides our own line, we produce lots of items as swag, promotional, or classy packaging (ie embossed leather pouches, keychains, bracelets, etc).

We also do all sorts of cut components and such (leather backing for uniforms, flag tabs,etc). I do bracelet and keychain blanks in natural veg that other crafters finish. We do leather patches for a lot of companies…

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